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The first installment of the Deja Vu series is set to debut on July 14--Bastille Day! What a perfect coincidence--or is it? This past-life romp centers on contemporary gal, Penelope Brewster, and her realization that her current life is more than she bargained for. Be on the lookout for Love, Death & So On, written by Robert Tonner and Stephanie Finnegan.

What Book Has Hot-Air Balloons, Hollywood Hotshots, Kooky Queens and Killer Romances?


It’s all there (and so much more) in Love, Death & So On, the first installment in the Déjà Vu series by Robert Tonner and Stephanie Finnegan. Join Penelope Brewster, a thoroughly modern girl, as she uncovers her connection to past lives and past adventures. If you’re searching for the one book that boasts historical hilarity with contemporary comedy, you’ve found it. Immerse yourself in Love, Death & So On—you’ll be coming back time and again!

A Double Dose of Deja Vu


The Deja Vu series debuted big on the Amazon Top 100 Hot New Releases!

In the exciting Mashup category, the two titles landed at #4 and #5! 

Definitely time to celebrate, again and again!

Relive the Drama Again and Again 


Marie Antoinette was a doll collector so it makes sense that Robert Tonner, the king of contemporary doll making, would set a whole new line of dolls in the French queen's court! Checkout the Deja Vu line of dolls at and see which outfits and era fit you best.

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