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Love, Death & So On


Searching for your soul mate can be a real killer!


Join Penelope Brewster as she travels through New York and L.A. to discover that one special someone who will make her heart stop. But what if she’s done that—time and again—over several hundred years? Follow this very modern girl as she uncovers why there’s just so darn much déjà vu in her life! In Love, Death & So On, the first installment of the Déjà Vu series, authors Robert Tonner and Stephanie Finnegan—with a little help from Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI, and Benjamin Franklin—prove there is such a thing as undying love. Join the journey—you’ll be coming back time and again!

No Time To Waste


Finding true love has never been funnier!


Here are further, uproarious adventures populated by the Deja Vu characters. In these two brand-new stories, Elisabeth, Benny and AA discover more clues about past lives and present-day romance. It's a pair of delightful short stories filled with love, laughter, lots of champagne, and loads of peacocks. Deja Vu Duets: No Time to Waste is sure to make a splash! Make time to float away today!



. . . I was in love in from page one. reader


Get this book, sit back, read and enjoy . . . reader

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